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Support the Petition to Withdraw Approval for all LASIK devices »

A former FDA regulator has petitioned the FDA to withdraw approval for all LASIK devices and to issue a Public Health Advisory and voluntary recall.

Hindsight 20/20: Lasik Surgery Now Unsafe? »

"A former official who helped promote the procedure now has new warnings."

Former FDA Regulator Says LASIK Side Effects Weren't Taken Seriously Enough »

" of the Food and Drug Administration regulators who approved the procedure in the 1990s is publicly expressing concerns about its safety."

Lasik's Blurry Vision »

"Side effects continue to plague patients like me. Now, as the FDA investigates, one expert admits, 'We screwed up'."

For Some, Lasik Brings More Problems Than Solutions »

"... there have been an increasing number of complaints from unhappy patients who say they have experienced significant problematic complications after Lasik."

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Current Initiatives

Access to preoperative medical information to preserve future vision and eye health is of vital importance.

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We support a comprehensive approach to addressing these issues that encompasses the needs of current as well as prospective LASIK patients.

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Welcome to LASIK Surgery Watch. This site is designed to provide information about our organization and about LASIK surgery. Much of this information is not available on sites that promote LASIK but all of the information provided here is reliable and backed by scientific literature.

For many people the information provided here might be surprising. Most people are not aware of the amount of controversy concerning LASIK that exists in the medical community. Spend some time on our site and form your own opinion.

It is vital that patients who have had poor outcomes from refractive surgery be represented as a group with a voice by a patient advocacy organization such as LSW. This has never been done before and the time is right to do it now. If you are a patient, a family member, a friend, a colleague, if you have an interest in providing improved care for patients who have suffered from poor outcomes, please register today. Because every patient counts.

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