Statement of Purpose

LASIK Surgery Watch is a network of concerned patients, patient advocates, and medical professionals who have personally experienced the damage caused by LASIK surgery, to ourselves, to our loved ones, and to others. We work to help patients who have been injured by LASIK surgery understand the nature and extent of that damage, to provide patients with treatment options and to raise public awareness about the dangers of LASIK surgery.

We also work to dispel commonly held misconceptions about LASIK eye surgery. It is our purpose to expand the understanding of poor outcomes beyond a simple model of visual acuity to encompass the entire spectrum of complex measures that constitute good vision. No matter how one defines success, it cannot be guaranteed, and the needs of all patients, regardless of surgical outcome, must be anticipated and met.

We recognize unbiased and rigorous empirical research as the only valid basis for expanding our knowledge about LASIK surgery, and advocate for changes in the FDA labeling of excimer lasers.