Living with LASIK

So Many Complications

I had LASIK in 2007. Since then I have suffered painful dry eyes, star-bursting at night, and many, many new vitreous floaters that I did not have before surgery.

I had my LASIK at an academic medical center and never could have imagined that I would be suffering so many complications. I felt secure in the ability of the seemingly reputable physicians to judge my candidacy for surgery. I was deeply let down on many fronts.

My post-LASIK dry eyes have been the most debilitating. Dealing with near constant irritation and discomfort in my eyes, with little or no relief, is terrifying. I was completely unprepared to deal with this chronic complication based on my evaluation. I now know the truth is that no doctor can accurately or consistently predict who will have enduring dry eye syndrome.

I have starbursts around lights at night—even looking at streetlights from a brightly lit room at night. At my evaluation appointment, my physician was very confident in the wavefront technology telling me how it virtually eliminates night vision problems. And I believed her. Later, at my 6-month follow up, when I asked about my night vision problems, I was told, “Sometimes we just don’t know why”. This response is morally repugnant coming from a physician performing an elective surgery on my most vital sensory organs.

As for the floaters, I was assured that there is only anecdotal evidence that LASIK induces floaters. Anecdotal or not, an internet search shows that a great many people have experienced a similar occurrence of floaters after LASIK. It is extremely depressing for me to look at my computer at work or at a beautiful landscape and see waves of floaters swimming from side to side.

My decision to have LASIK has been the absolute worst decision of my life. I cannot appreciate my new vision because I am plagued by significant discomfort from post-LASIK dry eyes and decreased quality of vision because of the floaters and star-bursting. I am only 29 years old and have a lifetime to live with LASIK complications and also regret. I would never wish the anxiety, worry, and depression that this surgery has created on anyone. It makes me sick to my stomach every time I think about what I have done to myself.